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RT-1000 MC
The professional solution for complex ATC and VTS applications


Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)
Air Traffic Control (ATC)

The RT-1000 Multichannel radio direction finder is designed for ATC (Air Traffic Control) and for VTS (Vessel Traffic Service). It is a very cost effective solution for applications where more than two simultaneous DF channels are required.

The modular design makes the system adaptable for almost all modern DF applications up to 24 simultaneously DF-channels. The approved Doppler principle provides unrivaled system reliability. The compact antenna system is designed for very rough conditions and is easy to install.

The system flexibility allows almost every customer requirement to be fulfilled.


The RT-1000 VDF is used as an ATC navigation aid that allows controllers on the ground to transmit QDMs to the pilot or verify position reports received from aircraft. Bearing information can also be integrated into a radar screen, which makes it possible to immediately assign radio messages to the right targets on the radar display.

The RT-1000 is also suitable for stationary VTS applications to control the vessel traffic close to the coast.

Special Features

  • Approved Doppler DF principle
  • Extremely high rotation frequency for fast signal processing
  • Compact antenna system for simple installation
  • Effective lightning protection
  • Very flexible system concept allows adaptation to almost every customer requirement
  • Maintenance-friendly modular design
  • Frequency range:
    • 118.000 ... 136.975 MHz
    • 156.000 ... 174.000 MHz


DF method Doppler (3 kHz rotation frequency)
Antenna type Compact Doppler Antenna
4 Dipole antennas
Number of DF channels Simultaneous operation: Up to 24
Frequency range1 Air band VHF: 118.000 – 136.975 MHz
Marine band VHF: 156.000 – 174.000 MHz2
Channel spacing Air band VHF: 25 kHz
Marine band VHF: 25 kHz
Air band VHF, option 8.33 kHz: 8.33 kHz  and 25 kHz
Operating channels Air band VHF: 760 (25 kHz); 2278 (8.33 kHz) Marine band VHF: Channel 01 – 88 (incl. duplex channels)
Internal system resolution 0.5°
Bearing sensitivity Air band VHF:
± 2° bearing fluctuation
3 µV/m typical
VHF Marine band:
± 2° bearing fluctuation
3 µV/m typical3
Bearing accuracy4 118.000 – 136.975 MHz: ± 2° at 20 µV/m / 2° RMS
156.000 – 174.000 MHz: 2° RMS
Option: Improved bearing accuracy: 1° RMS
Polarization vertical
Polarization error Field vector rotation up to 45°: ±1°
Cone of silence Bearing error ≤ 5°: 45°
Bearable modulation types A3E, F3E, A2X (ELT Modulation)
Storage temperature range Antenna unit RTA-1300 A: - 40 °C to + 80 °C
Bearing channel / Antenna control / RF Splitter: - 40 °C to + 60 °C
Operating temperature range Antenna unit RTA-1300 A: - 40 °C to + 80 °C
Bearing channel / Antenna control / RF Splitter: - 40 °C to + 60 °C
Ingress protection Antenna unit RTA-1300 A: IP65
Max. wind speed 270 km/h
Wind load Antenna unit RTA-1300 A: 150 km/h: 135 N
with constant wind speed: 180 km/h: 195 N

1 Frequency range depends on the software configuration (Unlock Options)
2 This frequency range is only valid without using the AIS Suppression
3 With dipole elements optimized for sea band operation
4 Measured in undisturbed wave field, with not modulated signal, with sufficient signal strength