The operation on sea requires high demands on the equipment. Salty water, high humidity, mechanical load and vibration as well as UV radiant exposure have a non-stop impact on electronic hardware. Our equipment is specially designed for this application. It supplies highest reliability, even under rough conditions. The design of our products is very compact. More »
An airborne direction finder has to be applicable in a flexible way, to support different missions a helicopter or airplane has to carry out. Lightweight and compact design are as important as reliability and robustness. Those characteristics distinguish our products. More »
Beside reliability and interoperability the system costs become more and more important. With its remote antenna concept the RT-1000 offers an unequalled price-performance relation. This makes it applicable not only for big airports but also for smaller landing strips. More »
DF systems used in VTS applications are usually remote controlled and operate in a network with other systems. Often times, three or more DF systems are used together for triangulation. Beside the performance the price becomes more and more important. More »
DF systems mounted on land vehicles or used as man pack systems have to be lightweight, compact and very robust. They need to withstand any possible environmental stress because they are used in tough terrain. Man pack systems should be particularly frugal in current consuption. More »