DGzRS Deutsche Seenotretter Germany

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Since 1996, RHOTHETA direction finders have been installed on DGzRS ships. We are proud that RHOTHETA DF-Systems have been contributing to the rescue of castaways on the German coasts for more than 20 years.

Canadian Coast Guard Canada

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In 2019, the Canadian Coast Guard awarded a contract to Seacoast Marine Electronics, a RHOTHETA dealer headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over the following two to three years, the Canadian Coast Guard replaces aging direction-finding equipment across the fleet with the RT-500-M radio direction finder.

KNRM Netherlands Netherlands

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The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM) is a registered charity that saves lives at sea and inshore waters in The Netherlands. The KNRM is a foundation that is supported entirely by volunteer contributions, legacies and bequest. The foundation does not get financial support by the government.
Lifeboat crew members are volunteers, professionally trained and 24/7 available.

Nederlands Loodswezen B.V. Netherlands

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The Dutch pilots offer a contribution to the safe and quick pilotage of ships to and from the Dutch ports and the Flemish ports on the Scheldt River. Each year, they assist more than 90,000 ships. Loodswezen aims to play a leading role by excelling in terms of service provision, training and education, efficiency, technology and customer satisfaction. Highly-trained maritime pilots and other staff members work closely together to ensure safe and efficient operations in all circumstances.
Loodswezen is using RHOTHETA PLB’s and Direction Finders since 2009. The units are very reliable and are used in several MOB situations.

RNLI United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Since 1824, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution crews have saved over 142,200 lives in and around the coasts of the United Kingdom. RHOTHETA Elektronik GmbH supports the work of RNLI rescue teams with the delivery of SAR radio direction finding systems.

US Coast Guard United States of America

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RHOTHETA is proud to supply the United States Coast Guard with the RT-500-M radio direction finder. Since 2019, RHOTHETA has provided prime contractor L3 Harris with this life-saving equipment for integration into shipboard mission systems on the new Sentinel-class Fast Response Cutters.

Mobile Land

DGAC - Aviation Civile France

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Since 2019, we have been using RHOTHETA RT-400 portable direction finders to carry out search and rescue missions at Paris-Charles De Gaulle airport. Compared to our old devices, the RT-400 halves the search time for a crashed plane, which is nothing short of a revolution and makes us much more efficient at providing assistance to passengers in an area close to an airport.


CAP Civil Air Patrol United States of America

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Since the year 2000, RHOTHETA Elektronik GmbH supplies RT-600 A Direction Finder Systems to the US Civil Air Patrol. The CAP is responsible for SAR overland throughout the United States, making a valuable contribution to rescue operations and civil protection.

Swedish Polis Sweden

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The Swedish police operates 7 Bell 429 helicopters with RHOTHETA RT-600 A radio direction finder systems. The RT-600 units make it easy to quickly locate emergency signals.

Air Traffic Control

ATC DF-System Dakar Airport Senegal

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In 2016, an RT-1000 MC VDF system was delivered to Leonardo for the ATC project in Dakar, Senegal. The project was successfully completed in January 2017 with a successful acceptance of Leonardo's installation by the end customer.

DF Renewal Project South Africa South Africa

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In 2015, 19 airfields in South Africa were equipped with RHOTHETA RT-1000 ATC Directionfinders (VDF). In September 2015, the project successfully ended with the training for the end customer.

skyguide - swiss air navigation services ltd Switzerland

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Skyguide provides air navigation services for Switzerland and certain adjacent parts of neighbouring countries. With its 1500 employees at 14 locations in Switzerland, the company guides some 1.2 million civil and military flights a year safely and efficiently through Europe's most complex airspace.