The DF Commander MK2 software enables remote control and monitoring of radio direction finder systems. In addition to displaying bearing results on various electronic maps, the software can calculate cross bearings at different frequencies. Bearing data, triangulation results and system status information from RDF systems is made available via an integrated server. Radio direction finder systems can also be set and controlled via the same server. By using a standardized radio direction finder protocol in JSON format, further protocol conversions, such as the conversion of radio direction data into ASTERIX formats, can be implemented very easily. A connection of further services such as data recording and monitoring services is also possible via this interface. Thus, the DF Commander MK2 can be understood as a service module, which enables a simple integration of radio direction finder systems into modern VTS and ATC network architectures.

Main Features
• Remote control and monitoring of RDF systems
• Triangulation
• Integrated server for the control of RDF systems and further processing of bearing data, system status data and triangulation results
• Use of a standardized radio direction finder protocol in JSON format
• The data can be easily converted into various ASTERIX formats
• Visualization of bearing and cross bearing results on different electronic maps
• Possibility to connect additional services such as data recording or monitoring services



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Radar Identification

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Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

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Coast Surveillance

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