Like the RT-100 emergency receiver, the RT-202 CrewFinder MOB direction finder system monitors the international emergency frequency 121.500 MHz and triggers an alarm in the event a distress signal is received. At the same time, the direction of the transmitter is determined and indicated by a LED ring.

The RT-202 also features a second operating frequency (121.650 MHz) for training and testing purposes.

In the event of a man overboard situation, the individual in distress can be found quickly and easily in each environmental condition.

Special Features

• Simple intuitive operation
• Extremely high reception sensitivity to permit detection of extremely weak or distant signals
• Special processing algorithm for signal stable localization
• Selective Squelch to avoid false alarms
• Waterproof (IP67) and robust
• Extremely compact design
• RS-232 interface for remote control capability

Technical Data

Method of bearing

Doppler-principle (3 kHz frequency of rotation)

Bearing accuracy

≤ 5° (RMS)

Internal resolution

Bearing sensitivity

≤ 1 µV/m typical at ±5° bearing fluctuation

Frequency range

121.500 MHz + 121.650 MHz

Bearable modulation types

A3E, F3E, A2X (Distress-modulation), bearing largely independent of modulation



Polarisation error

≤ 5° at 60° field vector rotation

Time of response

≤ 50 ms (with sufficient receiving field strength)

Operating voltage

11V to 24V DC

Current consumption

max. 350 mA (without external speaker)
max. ≤ 600 mA (with external Speaker)


with inbuilt miniature speaker; modulation: A3E

Data interface

Remote Control: RS232 (V24)
Ext. on/off: Discrete
Alarm Output: Discret/optional

Audio output

for external speaker (on GND) app. 5 Vpp on 8 Ohm,
output power app. 0.5 Watt

Alarm output

Open collector output to GND with receiving signal / alarm:
Uout < 1 V DC (Imax: ca. 100mA)

Temperature range

DCU: -20°C to +60°C
AU: -40°C to +60°C


Display Control Unit: app. 600 g
Antenna: app. 1400 g


Display: ( length x width x height ): 120 mm x 100 mm x 55 mm
Antenna: ( Diameter x height ): 260 mm x 600 mm

Protective systems

Display Control Unit: IP 67 Antenna: IP 67

Later due trust wind

27 N at 150 km/h wind speed
39 N at 180 km/h wind speed
max. Wind Speed ≥ 250 km/h

Display resolution



Aluminium DCU

Full width rt 202 dcu alu

The RT-202 DCU is optional avaliable in a Aluminium version. The interchangeable mounting brackets allow the recessed mounting in a front panel or a control station.

AU Simulator

Full width au simulator rt 202 frei

The AU Simulator is a compact and easy-to-use test device for RT-202 and RT-300 DCUs. The AU Simulator is powered by the DF-Units DCU and provides assistance for a fast troubleshooting process onboard

DC/DC Converter

Full width rt 8954 hp 3

The DC/DC converter prevents damage to the direction finding system due to compensation current which flows across the System Ground to minus voltage supply e.g. generated when starting the engines. Mandatory for vessles with metal hull.


Search and Rescue (SAR)

Thumb sar bu hne 1140x350

Man over Board (MOB)

Thumb mob bu hne 1140x350


Thumb offshore bu hne 1140x350