Direction Finder

RT-202 Crewfinder CrewFinder MOB Direction Finder System

RT-202 Crewfinder

Compact MOB (man overboard) direction finder for the emergency frequency 121.500 MHz. Permits localization and fast recovery of persons or vessels in distress. Unit is designed for rough condition and easy use.

RT-300 Dual-Band Direction Finder System


Universal dual-band direction finder system for localization of marine band radio signals as well as parts of the airband including the emergency frequency 121.500 MHz. SAR direction finder and navigation aid for commercial vessels

RT-400 Mobile Wideband Direction Finder


The RT-400 is a portable direction finder, which is designed for search and rescue operations (SAR), law enforcement and localizing of radio interference sources.

RT-500-M WIDE-BAND Radio Direction Finder


The RT-500-M is a professional, wide-band radio direction finder, designed for use on sea in the harshest conditions. It covers an frequency range from 118 to 470 MHz including all international emergency frequencies as well as all 19 Cospas-Sarsat channels. It is the perfect tool for sea recue services, coast guard, law enforcement, Navy, off-sore as well as research organisations and commercial shipping.

RT-600 Multi-Band Direction Finder System for Airborne SAR


Multi-band direction finder system for airborne SAR missions. Designed for installation on board aircraft, including helicopters. Operates on four frequency bands and covers all international emergency frequencies including all 19 Cospas-Sarsat channels.

RT-600 Light Multi-Band Direction Finder System for Airborne SAR

RT-600 Light

The RHOTHETA direction finder system RT-600 Light is designed to receive and locate emergency signals and special application signals on the international distress and application specific frequencies in the VHF / UHF frequency range.
The system consists of an Antenna Unit (AU), which is designed light and robust for typical use on unmanned aircraft.

RT-800 Wide-Band VTS Radio Direction Finder


Compact direction finder system for Coast Surveillance and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS).

RT-1000 VHF Radio Direction Finder (VDF) System for ATC and VTS


Direction finder for Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). Designed for use in control towers and shore-based VTS stations.

RT-1000 MC Multichannel (VDF) System for ATC and VTS

RT-1000 MC

Direction Finder for ATC and VTS applications allows a simultane bearing of 3 to 24 Channels

Locator Beacons

RT-B77 HELB Personal Locator Beacon


The RT-B77 HELB is currently the most advanced and most powerful personal locator beacon (PLB) available on the market for man overboard (MOB) emergencies.

Emergency Receivers

RT-100 Emergency Receiver


Monitor receiver for the international emergency frequency 121.500 MHz. For alerting rescue forces when a emergency signal is detected.


DF Commander Software for the control and monitoring of radio direction finding systems

DF Commander

Windows based application for control and monitoring of multiple radio direction finder systems including multichannel capability

DF Commander MK2 Software for the control and monitoring of radio direction finding systems

DF Commander MK2

The DF Commander MK2 software enables remote control and monitoring of radio direction finder systems. In addition to displaying bearing results on various electronic maps, the software can calculate cross bearings at different frequencies. Bearing data, triangulation results and system status information from RDF systems is made available via an integrated server. Radio direction finder systems can also be set and controlled via the same server. By using a standardized radio direction finder protocol in JSON format, further protocol conversions, such as the conversion of radio direction data into ASTERIX formats, can be implemented very easily. A connection of further services such as data recording and monitoring services is also possible via this interface. Thus, the DF Commander MK2 can be understood as a service module, which enables a simple integration of radio direction finder systems into modern VTS and ATC network architectures.