The RT-400 is a portable direction finder, which is designed for search and rescue operations (SAR), law enforcement and localizing of radio interference sources. Due to its wideband, the system allows homing to any radio transmitter with a frequency between 118 and 470 MHz inclusively all emergency frequencies such as 121.5, 243 and 406 MHz (Cospas-Sarsat). The DF system uses a tablet with a compass and GPS.
The “DF-Scout” software allows displaying and saving bearing lines on the moving map as well as localizing beacons by triangulation. In case of Cospas-Sarsat decoding, the beacon position, true bearing and the distance to target are also indicated directly on the map. Homing Cospas-Sarsat beacons becomes easier when the SAR Scan algorithm is running, which detects the correct Cospas-Sarsat frequency and scans for 121.5 MHz between C/S pulses. The antenna is mountable on vehicles and can be carried by persons. This allows searching from the vehicle until the terrain becomes impassable and proceeding by foot with the same antenna. Due to the light weight, comfortable frame and the wireless antenna / tablet communication, the handling becomes very easy. The stable and water protected system can be used at rough outdoor conditions.

Special Features

• Portable DF System for search and rescue operations (SAR), law enforcement activities and localizing of radio interference sources
• Wideband homing on frequencies between 118 and 470 MHz
• All relevant emergency frequencies such as 121.5 MHz, 243 MHz and Cospas-Sarsat (406 MHz) included
• Bearing display on moving map and beacon localization by triangulation available
• Decoding of Cospas-Sarsat messages and displaying beacon’s positions on the map
• Intelligent SAR Scan algorithm with up to 4 frequencies monitored between COSPAS-SARSAT pulses
• Displaying the own track and defining GPS waypoints
• Mountable on vehicles and persons for using a vehicle first and wearing the DF-system as backpack in heavy Terrains
• Water protected system for using in rough outdoor environment conditions
• Easy handling due to the light weight, comfortable frame and wireless antenna / tablet communication

Technical Data



Bearing Accuracy

≤ 5° (RMS)

Frequency Range

VHF Air Band 118.000 - 124.000 MHz

Marine Band 154.000 - 163.000 MHz

UHF Air Band 240.000 - 246.000 MHz

COSPAS-SARSAT 400.000 - 406.092 MHz all 19 COSPAS-SARSAT Channels

UHF FM-Band 406.100 - 410.000 MHz

Channel pattern

VHF Air Band 8.33 kHz
Marine Band 5 kHz
UHF Air Band 25 kHz
UHF FM-Band 5 kHz

Bearing sensitivity COSPAS-SARSAT

≤ 6 µV/m / 4 µV/m typical at ±5° bearing fluctuation

Bearing sensitivity UHF Airband

≤ 6 µV/m / 4 µV/m typical at ±5° bearing fluctuation

Bearing sensitivity UHF FM-Band

≤ 6 µV/m / 4 µV/m typical at ±5° bearing fluctuation

Bearing sensitivity VHF Airband

≤ 4 µV/m / 2,5 µV/m typical at ±5° bearing fluctuation

Bearing sensitivity VHF Marineband

≤ 3 µV/m / 2 µV/m typical at ±5° bearing fluctuation

Time of response

≤ 50 ms typ. (bei entsprechender Feldstärke)

Operating voltage

12 V to 30 V DC

Recommended Batterie type

Accumulator Batteries: 12 x 1.2 V NiNH, 4500 mAh
Alcaline Batteries: 12 x 1.5 V Type C

Operational Time

> 8 h


Tablet - Antenna Unit / WiFi


Carrying Frame: 5.5 kg
Antenna unit: 2.3 kg
Battery Pack: 1.8 kg
RT-400 complet with Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: 9.34 kg

Operating temperature

Complete System: -20°C to +60°C
AU: -40°C to +60°C

Storage temperature

Complete System: -30°C to +80°C
AU: -55°C to +80°C

Ingress protection

Tablet: IP 65 (with Galaxy Tab)
Battery Pack: IP 67
AU: IP 67


Galaxy Tab S3 (Samsung)+ SURVIVOR ALL-TERRAIN

Full width galaxy tab s3  samsung  grau

Model number: SM-T825
Screen size: 9.7''
Screen resolution: 1536x2048 pixel
OS: Android 7.0

ALGIZ RT7 (Handheld)

Full width algiz rt7 grau

Model number: Cortex A53, 1.2 GHz
Screen size: 7''
Screen resolution: 1024x600 pixel
OS: Android 6.0

LR7 (Roda)

Full width roda lr7 grau

Model number: Intel Bay Trail-I E3827, 1.75 GHz
Screen size: 10.1''
Screen resolution: 1920x1200 pixel
OS: Android 5.1

Car mounting Kit

Full width rt 400 car kit 945x250 grau

The Car mounting kit allows to attach the RT-400 to nearly any common roof rack. The range for rescue missions expands tremendously by this feature.

Optional Frequency extensions

Full width rt 400 graph 945x250 grau

F1 VHF-Airband: 118,000 – 136,992 MHz
F2 VHF-Marineband: 137,000 – 224,995 MHz
F3 UHF-Airband: 225,000 – 399,975 MHz
F4 UHF-FM Band: 406,100 – 470,000 MHz

The Optional Frequency extensions can be ordered seperatly to extend the frequency range of each system individually.


Search and Rescue (SAR)

Thumb  rt 500 p  sheriff rescue rt 500m


DGAC - Aviation Civile

Thumb dgac foto einsatzfahrzeug 2