The RT-1000 Multichannel system is a direction finder (DF), which is designed for air traffic control (ATC) and for vessel traffic service (VTS) applications. The system is based on a very successful standard RT-1000 A and RT-1000 C Doppler direction finder, which main components are applied in the multichannel system. In applications, where more than 2 simultaneously bearing channels are required, the RT-1000 Multichannel is the solution with best price performance relation. The flexible design enables the system adaptation to almost all applications. It is realised by using a couple of different standard components, which may be combined and configured individually. The system can cover up to 24 simultaneously DF-Channels. The software “DF-Commander” may display the bearing information and control the system. Via various user interfaces, the DF can be integrated in other systems.

Technical Data


Doppler (3 kHz rotation frequency)

Bearing sensitivity

118,000 – 136,975 MHz,
±2° bearing fluctuation
156,000 – 174,000 MHz,
±2° bearing fluctuation

Bearing accuracy

2° RMS
1° RMS (Opt.)

Response time

≤ 500 ms

Minimal signal duration

400 ms

Internal system resolution


Frequency range

Air band VHF 118,000 – 136,975 MHz
Marine band VHF 156,000 – 174,000 MHz

Channel Spacing

Air band VHF:
25 kHz / 8,33 kHz (Option)
Marine band VHF:
25 kHz

Bearable modulation types

A3E, F3E, A3X (ELT-modulation)

Number of DF Channels

max. 24



Polarization Error

With field vector rotation up to 45° = ±1°

Cone of Silence

Bearing Fluctuation ±5° ≤ 45°


Complete System
34.000 h (4 channels)
25.000 h (8 channels)

Antenna Type

compact Doppler antenna
4 dipole antenna elements

Storage temperature

Antenna unit RTA-1300 A: -40 °C to +80 °C
Bearingchannel/Antennacontrol / RF-Splitter: -40 °C to +60 °C

Operating temperature

Antenna unit RTA-1300 A: -40 °C to +80 °C
Bearingchannel/Antennacontrol / RF-Splitter: -40 °C to +60 °C

Ingress protection

Antenna unit RTA-1300 A: IP65

Max. wind speed

270 km/h


Antenna unit RTA-1300 A: 150 km/h: 135 N
with constant wind speed: 180 km/h: 195 N


Antenna Mast

Full width rt 1000 mast mit test funktion hp

The antenna mast is a girder mast which has been developed especially for the Doppler antenna system RTA 1300, which makes possible the turning and titling of the antenna for Assembly and maintenance purposes. The mast will be delivered in disassembled condition. It has to be mounted and grounded after the assembly on a suitable base. The scope of delivery also includes a waterproof Installation box, in which the receiver unit and remote data Transmission can be located. All parts of the mast and the bolted connections are hot-dip galvanized or respectively made out of stainless steel.

PTT Modul

Full width ptt box hp ready

The PTT Module is an optional hardware that provides the “Push to Talk” function for RT-1000 Multichannel systems.
PTT-function (Push to Talk) is used for suppressing the bearing indication, when an RF signal is transmitted from the ground transmitter station, in order to avoid an unwanted self-bearing. This function is also called the “Ground Transmitter Suppression” (GTS).
The PTT Module is used in combination with the “DF-Commander” Software, which allows the remote control of bearing systems.

AIS Filter

Full width usv hp ready

The AIS Suppression Notch is a cavity filter, which sufficiently suppress AIS signals at 161,965 MHz to 162,035 MHz by a notch filter function with a very low insertion loss in its pass band. The usage of the AIS suppression filter allows the installation of the direction finder antenna close to AIS transmitter stations and also allows the interference-free operation of the DF. It is recommended to install the AIS suppression filter if the distance between AIS transmitter with an EIRP of 10W and the Direction Finder is less than 200m

Antenna Mastflange

Full width mastflansch hp

The antenna mast flange allows the installation of the RT-1000 antenna on any construction. CAD drawings for integration are available on request.

Antenna Model

Full width antennenmodel zubeh%c3%b6r bild

The antenna model simulates the radio direction antenna. If the antenna model is connected to a signal generator, it delivers a signal like a DF antenna under perfect conditions. It simulates the signal angle 0 °; 90 °; 180 ° or 270 ° at its RF output;
The antenna model is a very useful device for the maintenance of the DF system.


Full width usv hp ready

As an option you can ensure a contious operation of the DF-System during failures in powersupply by ordering our 19´´ USP solution. The USP provides SNMP and HTML, ModBus/JBus relay outputs. The batteries are Hot swappable to provide a continous power supply even during maintenance.

Audio modules

Full width rt 1000 mc audio neu frei

The RT-1000 Multichannel is already prepared to be connected, for streaming the audio signals to the Ethernet LAN (voice over IP). For this, the RT-1000 Multichannel system requires an optional audio rack, including an industrial audio streaming devices, a live IP audio encoder (BARIX Instreamer). To use the audio option in the DF Commander software a special RHOTHETA firmware is necessary.

DF Commander Software

Full width df commander test 2

The main purpose of the “DF Commander" Software is to provide the remote control and monitoring of multiple DF-Channels and DF-Systems from a standard PC. This software allows the visualizing of the bearing data, such as bearing angle, signal level and frequency of an appropriate channel. The simple and convenient design of the “Bearing Page” and the possibility to adjust the orientation of the compass rose towards the tower window view makes the controller’s work very comfortable.

Furthermore the software provides the possibility to simultaneously monitor the status of all channels connected, which is also a helpful feature for the technical monitoring and maintaining of the DF-System.

DF Commander MK2 Software

Full width df commander mk2 titelbild

The DF Commander MK2 software enables remote control and monitoring of radio direction finding systems. Besides displaying the direction finding results on different electronic charts, the software is able to calculate cross bearings on different frequencies. Soundings, cross bearing results and status information of radio direction finding systems are made available via an integrated server. Radio direction finding systems can also be set and controlled via the same server. Thus the software is to be understood as a DF service.

Obstacle Light

Full width hindernisbefeuerung hp

The Obstacle Light is an optional safety accessory for the RT-1000 antenna mast. There exist two orderable variations: Single Obstacle Light and Double Obstacle Light. Both variations are intended for mounting on the top of the RT-1000 antenna mast.

Single Obstacle Light is a single-light-construction, which contains a light bulb in its housing and a corresponding mounting frame.

The Double Obstacle Light is a construction with two lights, which have an identical structure as the Single Obstacle Light. While the first lamp is in operation (operation lamp), the second lamp is in standby (standby lamp). In case of the failure of the operation lamp, the standby lamp will be automatically switched on. Furthermore the construction includes the IP 64 connection box and the corresponding mounting frame.

DF-Emulator Software

Full width df emulator hp

The "DF Emulator" is a software that emulates a bearing system on a Windows PC by playing a pre-recorded log file. In the simplest case, the DF emulator uses the serial COM port of the PC to transfer the data via RS232 to another PC or system that displays the bearing data.
This software is designed for projects like bearing data integration in radar displays or other map- and control displays and is intended to facilitate the work of integrators.

SNMP Modul

Full width snmp modul ii

SNMP Module is an optional hardware that provides the remote error monitoring of RHOTHETA RT-1000 direction finder systems over the Simple Network Management Protocol.



Thumb navigation bu hne 01 1140x350

Radar Identification

Thumb radar bu hne 114x350

Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

Thumb vts bu hne 02 1140x350

Coast Surveillance

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ATC DF-System Dakar Airport

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